Who is Breathe Easy

Tanya – Owner and specialist in Structural Integration – a strong believer in bodywork being the answer to many aches and pains, she has dedicated her life to helping people live pain free by providing a safe space for people of all beliefs, backgrounds, orientations and religions to come get Massage & Structural Integration. Tanya started out by studying Massage Therapy in 2009, before applying to Structural Innovations where she studied Structural Integration, in 2010 where her main instructor was Kevin Lucas. Tanya has been practicing bodywork full time, since 2009, focusing mainly on Structural Integration. Her hands on approach is one that includes the whole body, with all its intricate layers – because she believes everything is connected. She is an excellent body reader, and can often determine where you’re hurting simply by watching you walk. She enjoys nerding out over anatomy books, and coming up with Continuing Educations courses for fellow Massage Therapists. She is currently in school getting a bachelors in Behavioral Healthcare. When not in the office, Tanya enjoys the Pacific Northwest great outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping and taking wonderful photos.

Kathy, offers Swedish Massage, with a mix of relaxation and deep tissue.

“I am so happy to be joining the Breathe Easy Wellness team! I have a passion for collaborating with people who are open and receptive to working on their health and body through bodywork. After a few physically debilitating years, I have chosen massage therapy as a second career. I came to the field with a bachelors degree in the medical sciences and 20 years in the birth world. Although I loved doing that, I wanted to expand my skill set and keep growing. I graduated from Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage. There I learned to give a therapeutic and relaxing massage. Using a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, myofacial release and injury treatment, I focus on each clients needs. My work can alleviate sore muscles, improve sleep quality, immune function, ease headaches, increase mental alertness and decrease stress levels.

Whether it’s a nice relaxing massage after a long day, or a focus bodywork session after an injury I look forward to being part of your healthcare journey.” -Kathy

Jes offers phenomenal deep tissue and has a lot of experience with hand therapy – including carpel tunnel syndrome and other arm / shoulder issues.

“I am enthusiastic and excited to join Breathe Easy and the local community of Chehalis. I am originally from the New England area and despite being in Washington for almost 20 years, I haven’t lost my fast paced speech or mentality. I have over 10 years experience practicing massage and bodywork after graduating from Northwest Academy of Healing Arts in Seattle in 2012.

Prior to massage licensure, I worked and studied whole foods nutrition and cooking with Paul Pitchford who wrote Healing with Whole Foods. As well as Permaculture ( the art of growing food in alignment with nature) and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Heartwood Massage Institute. It was there that I was inspired to return to school and pursue the path of bodywork and massage. I moved to Thurston county in 2017 and began working with South Sound Physical and Hand Therapy as an occupational therapy assistant and massage therapist. Something that brought me great joy.

Much of my treatment focuses on your daily life and its impacts. Our time together will be relaxing and rejuvenating but I am solution focused. I want you to thrive. I look forward to meeting you.” – Jes




Our Mission Statement:

Breathe Easy is dedicated to enabling our community to live pain-free through bodywork in the forms of Structural Integration and Therapeutic Massage.

We are a SAFE SPACE – and do not discriminate against the color of skin, age, religion, sexual orientation, background, or gender.


The Breathe Easy Crew is here for you.



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