Who is Tanya?






Education: 2005-07 – Graphic Design & Photography at Centralia College, in Centralia, Wa; 2009 – Massage Therapy at Carrington College, in Spokane, Wa.; 2010 – The Rolf Method of Structural Integration at Structural Innovations, in Spokane, Wa.



Specialty/Focus: I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a STRUCTURAL INTEGRATOR. I specialize in body realignment, through the ten session process of STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION that focuses on creating balance in the body by creating length and space within the body. As far as my massage style, I create a perfect mixture of RELAXATION and DEEP TISSUE, starting out each massage with stretching and palpation to determine which areas of the body need to be focused on most. Within the massage, I like to incorporate different techniques that I believe will help my patient the most. I have my INTRAORAL ENDORSEMENT (TMJ).



Personal: I have dedicated my life to helping people, and studying constantly, learning new methods that focus on maintaining good health through alternative holistic methods. To seek healing is to take action. It is a physical quest as well as a mental one. Never underestimate the power of touch; it starts on the surface but reaches the heart. I believe that bodywork is connected to our mental emotional state of being. Pursuing good health means combining different methods until the correct mixture is discovered. Therapy could be a deep tissue massage, or a weekend spent walking along the beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing into the sand. Besides being a Massage Therapist and Structural Integrator, I have many other interests: psychology, linguistics, pencil portraiture, cooking, snowboarding, reading, traveling, photography, camping, hiking, and fishing … to name just a few.



Favorite Quote: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!”
– Susan Sontag


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