Breathe Easy Therapeutic Massage is all about alternative natural ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

The modalities offered by Breathe Easy include:

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage


Russian Honey Massage

Chinese Cupping

Structural Integration – Manual Therapy for Body ReAlignment 

Swedish / Deep Tissue / Relaxation –

All three massage techniques are often combined in an 80 minute – unique and custom massage routine based on what the client needs.

This increases the amount of oxygen in the body, which in turn increases and improves blood circulation. Massage also stimulates our lymphatic system (our natural defense system). Getting a regular massage, is a good maintenance plan for over stressed, tense and often out of whack bodies. Deep tissue massage rids the body of toxins and metabolic waste, while releasing endorphins and amino acids – the body’s natural pain killers. If you’ve been taking pills and numbing your symptom, then perhaps its time to go after the problem. Massage can alleviate back pain, headaches, migraines, reduce spasms and cramps, improves range of motion, increases joint flexibility, reduces knots and swelling, and promotes tissue regeneration – reduces scar tissue and stretch marks. It relaxes and softens injured, tired, or overused tissue – and speeds up the healing process. For those who don’t sleep well, claim to have insomnia or just cant admit that they have a horrible sleeping schedule – Relaxation Massage is the right choice. It will enhance your sleep quality which in turn will help you feel rested and you’ll notice a spike in your energy level! Experts estimate that about 90% if diseases are stress related. You can manage your stress levels with massage. It can reduce your fatigue and improve your concentration – allowing you to get things done quicker and better.

Price for Swedish / Deep Tissue / Relaxation – Combination: $75/hr or $135/90min. (1hr & 30 minutes)

Russian Honey Massage – Is a popular European modality which replaces the use of lotion or oil, with natural honey. The honey is heated into a warm liquid form. The warm honey softens the skin and opens the pores allowing the sticky honey to seep in. The consistency of honey – doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. This combination creates an amazing opportunity for toxins in your skin to escape. By working the honey into your skin, it becomes sticker – allowing the therapist to lift the skin, breaking up any adhesion or scar tissue build up underneath the skin! Doing this around the shoulder blades, creates better range of motion for the arms – and back, over all. Honey is a natural antiseptic and contains antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria so it can help clear up skin problems, such as acne. Honey massage will leave your skin feeling clean, and healthy. This is also a good choice for people who have tight/tense skin which doesnt allow them to let go or relax in a regular massage.

Price for Russian Honey Massage – $90/hr



For information on Structural Integration, please click on the Structural Integration Tab up top.




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