“I saw Tanya for all 10 of my structural integration sessions. Having been to several body workers, including chiropractors, general massage therapists and another structural integrator (also awesome), I can say with certainty that it is incredibly obvious when someone has a true passion for what they do. It is simply the difference between being effective and ineffective. Tanya is a person with a true passion to help people live better lives through structural integration and she makes it so fun and simple with her humor and incredible intelligence. She clearly explains everything she is doing as she does it, which I love! Thank you, Tanya!!” – Kaitlin

“Tanya is an amazing massage therapist and Structural Integration practitioner! I went to her for my 10 sessions of SI and for my movement-limiting scar tissue from my mastectomy. I have full range of motion in my upper body now because of her! And I’m a 1/4 of an inch taller! I would highly recommend going to Breathe Easy to everyone I know!” – Brielle

“As far a structural integration goes – Tanya knows her stuff. After just my first two appointments, I was “breathing easier” and feeling less pain. Her work is deep- but good, in a way that I explain as “good squishing.” She gives follow up exercises to hold the changes worked on during your session with her. For example, paying attention to the way I walk and what shoes I walk in has been very helpful. As a side note, she’s funny, easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable during your session and you realize this is one of the best decisions you made for your health and well-being.” – Teresa Jordan



“I was in a car accident 14 years ago and fractured my spine. I have lived with chronic pain ever since. Two years ago, a friend suggested Tanya to me, so I did the 10 series of Structural Integration. My chronic pain was brought under control and my body realigned so I could begin strengthening all those areas which were neglected for so long. Two years later and the results are still unfolding! I can’t suggest Tanya enough!” – Erica Houg Fox

“Tanya is a gifted body therapist. Her work on my body with structural integration took my chronic pain from a 6 -7 to a 1 (on a scale of 1-10). I highly recommend seeing Tanya before choosing to go under the knife or do cortisone shots…you won’t regret it!”

– Jennifer Thomas

“Absolutely incredible. Tanya (owner/therapist) is a miracle incarnate. Being a person of poor posture and bad habits, I’ve definitely had my fair share of massages. However, I have never had someone as informative, communicative, and all around fabulous as Tanya at Breathe Easy Therapeutic Massage. She took the time to check out my alignment and ask questions about my trouble spots before even beginning. Throughout the whole massage she explained what she was doing, asked how I was feeling, and was quick to respond if I had specific requests. Not only was the massage amazing–though intense (structural integration is hard work), but Tanya taught me stretches and self-massage techniques to use so that I won’t just undo all the work she did. I thought my perpetually cold hands were bad genetics, but thanks to the shoulder stretches she taught me, they’re a thing of the past. No matter what you’re in the market for, I cannot recommend Tanya enough. ” – Ruby


 “Had a few massages with Tanya so I decided to go through the 10 series of Structural Integration with her. I’ve only been to two sessions and already I’m experiencing my body changing in amazing ways. I’m feeling awesome. She also does a great job of balancing a great re pore with her clients while remaining professional. YOUR CRAZY if you don’t try Structural Integration with her! :)” – Kat Pashley


 “Tanya is a very talented LMP and SI. One of the best structural integraters I have encountered and her “regular massages” are still geared on a structural basis taking massage to the next level of EPIC. Her Honey massages are amazing as well. Once you experience Tanya’s talent you will know you have found a home for your body to release, relax, and let go to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.”

– Dana Luth

“Tanya is good at what she does . I recommend her to anyone. I live in the Tri cities area and drive up there to see her , been to other places and my back problem would be solved temporarily . After going to her 2 times the problem went away and haven’t had it since its been 2 years and feel great.” – Lily Mantay

“Structural Integration Completion: May 18, 2015 A bit of background regarding how I came about receiving Structural Integration Therapy; I am a 56 year old female that has had 10 abdominal surgeries. These included; 2 C-sections, a botched gall bladder surgery, hysterectomy, appendectomy, gastric bypass, abdominal reconstruction, 2 bowel blockages and an enormous hernia repair. With all of these surgeries, I produced an abnormal amount of scar tissue. The hernia surgery was done with two full sections of mesh, from rib cage to rib cage. I also had complications which required 8 weeks of cauterization on my incision. The scar tissue was causing me severe pain. I also had neck, back and knee issues. The more pain my belly was in, the more the other issues were exasperated. I sought chiropractic, massage and acupuncture treatments, as well as physical therapy at different times. Nothing improved my physical well-being. I could go on, but suffice it to say, I was a mess. Through the Medical Massage and Acupuncture Clinic, I was directed to Tanya. This initial visit was a bit overwhelming. After 34 years of living with a variety of issues, it was a bit difficult to wrap your head around the hope of healing. Tanya was very honest and direct. Regarding my mesh, she was hesitant to be too aggressive, so as not to interfere with the integrity of the mesh. I sincerely appreciated this, as well as the fact that it would take my body longer than some to heal. I had a lot going on, however, all of her discussion was thorough, and extremely knowledgeable and made total sense. I finally had hope. Thus began my journey. Each visit, Tanya explained what would occur, ask about any changes, check my progress, and ask about any concerns. She was always very direct and personable. I actually enjoyed my visits. Tanya is very energetic, thoughtful and humorous. There was definite pain involved, but humor and talking got me through. If I felt discouraged, she would help me through that as well. I cannot sing her praises enough! Fast forward to completion. Sadly/gladly, I have completed the 10 sessions. I can continuously turn my neck. I still have a lot of tension there, but I can move! My chronic foot problem-gone, the pain in my shoulder-drastically reduced, I walk and stand straighter and with confidence, my knees no longer lock while climbing stairs. But best of all, I only have belly pain occasionally and as a twinge. Each day is better. This program works! However, having Tanya as the therapist was the reason it worked so well with me. I could not have asked for anyone better. My daughter is now going through the sessions as well, and I am busy spreading the word to others. Looking forward to my “Tune-Up” session! – Sue Gildersleeve


“I felt completely trapped. Going to the doctor had become completely arbitrary. The medicine and advice they wrote out in the form of prescriptions and referrals had led to only more pain, confusion, and apathy. One doctor had even told me I would be in pain my whole life, that it I would be better off if I avoided physical activity all-together. At the time he told me this, I was only twenty-one years old. He put me on a high dosage of Ibuprofen, hoping my symptoms would go away at least temporarily. Sufficiently robbed of any hope for future progress, trying to follow his advice felt like a prison sentence and left me severely depressed and sedentary. My muscles atrophied and I was incapable of doing the most basic of tasks. Each trip to the doctor was yet another failure, another stab at my waning hope. I grew to expect very little from these visits, except of course a bill and a “Gee, I wish I knew what was going on, why don’t we try this?” Followed by something scrawled on a small piece of paper and a pat on the back. Not once was it considered that I try something more holistic, something that could have a positive effect on my body regardless of whether it could locate and ‘fix’ the problem. Instead, each symptom was treated individually with medication or therapy that was already a long shot, the doctor himself admitting he had no idea what was the root cause but always feeling obligated to ‘try something’. I was in a desperate place last summer when I met Tanya, in constant pain throughout many parts of my body. Locked throughout my spine, I was unable to live actively, or even turn my head to look in certain directions. I couldn’t sleep at night and was constantly fatigued, living in fear that the most benign of occurrences could cause the deepest of pain and inactivity. Desperate but deeply disillusioned, I had not been to the doctor in months, and had left behind all medication. Tanya was a friend of a good friend, and that friend insisted I go to see her despite my qualms. From the beginning, Tanya saw my case was fairly severe after years of atrophy, but did not allow that to obscure her positivity. She took the time to listen to me and offer something concrete, tangible. She told me she could not offer a cure, but she could offer positive movement, working to improve what she could. She could improve my structure as a whole, and thus my lifestyle and capacity for activity might then also improve. This honest approach did not give me a diagnosis or certainty, but it did give me hope and the feeling of partnership instead of confusing mandates from men in lab coats. I put my skepticism aside and I bought into it in desperation. Ten months later, structural integration and continued friendship and care from Tanya has not left me free from my deeply-engrained pain, but it has left me with something immeasurably valuable: change. This change is quantifiable in a way other more mainstream approaches never have been. For instance, my spine moves more freely and my posture is more straight and supportive of the weak areas of my body. My back especially is redeveloping tone and I have more energy and less depression and apathy. I remember distinctly the first day I looked up at the sky again, or the first day I could bend my back in ways I had forgotten were possible. I will not lie, the process of bringing parts of my body back to life that have been locked in disuse and atrophy for so many years has had its own pain, but the pain is different and fresh than the consistent and monotonous pain of earlier years. It is a pain in which there is great hope, because it means that my body is no longer trapped in its old ways, but is moving toward new ones. Change is uncomfortable, but who knows how far this change can lead? I am encouraged that my continued trust and partnership with Tanya in structural integration, massage, and exercise will lead one day to a life more full of independence, stability, activity, and energy. It already significantly has. – Stephen Eyman

“Tanya has helped me greatly through her SI program. I have degenerative disc disease and experienced two major back surgeries. She can’t fix me, but the treatments she administers are helping me to move better, I am getting stronger and I already feel better! Thanks, Tanya…I’ll keep coming back!”

– Debbie


“Tanya, you are amazing! I appreciate the ease you bring the room. You remain professional and comforting. You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to next time.” -Abby


“I just want to give a shout out to Tanya and her structural integration series. I finished my structural integration series at the end of June. This last Tuesday I participated in a fundraiser where I walked 51 1/2 miles in 18 1/2 hours. I have had zero pain! There is no way that I would’ve been able to do that prior to the SI Series. My pelvis and hips and ribs were so tight and out of whack that walking that distance would have been impossible without major pain or not being able to walk the next day. If you suffer from body aches and pains, I promise that you will never regret investing in yourself and getting the structural integration series done!” – Sheila 



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What clients of Breathe Easy are saying:


“The best, most caring, and most effective massage therapy I have ever received.” – Satisfied Client

“Thank you so much!! Felt great, great conversation, and hopefully I won’t need surgery now!!” – Satisfied Client

“I absolutely loved my massage! She was very knowledgeable in pain management & pretty much everything. I just I could afford to go regularly.” – Satisfied Client

“Thank you SO MUCH! You got in and relaxed some muscles that have been tight forever. I will be referring my clients to you.” – Satisfied Client

“Thank you for introducing me to integration therapy.” – Satisfied Client

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